Overwhelmed by tax compliance matters?

We provide a wide variety of tax compliance services which can be tailored to your own specific requirements. Our clients are looked after by qualified Accountants who will complete your tax return and will be available to discuss any tax related queries you may have.

Who would find this service useful?

  • if you have been asked by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to submit a tax return
  • if you have an exceptional event such as a disposal or additional income to report
  • if you wish to make a claim for tax relief regarding pensions or other investments

Through our tax compliance services we can:

  • prepare all types of UK self-assessment tax returns – from basic tax repayment claims to complex personal tax returns
  • guide you through the complicated rules and legislation that makes up the Self-Assessment regime.  This includes liaising with HMRC concerning your tax affairs
  • prepare self-employment and rental accounts to calculate the tax related profit/loss position
  • collate information and create a report for the completion of any foreign returns
  • calculate your tax liability (or refund) and notify you of when any payments are due
  • review your personal and financial affairs to identify the impact of income, inheritance and capital gain taxes and establish areas which may benefit from tax planning opportunities
  • deal with post-submission issues and HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • advise on the obligation of the disclosure of tax planning schemes and capital
  • transactions to HMRC and completion of any necessary forms
  • offer advice on how to utilise the available tax reliefs and allowances.