Switching your Accountants ?

Thinking of switching Accountants? Worried the move could be a painful process, daunting, and time-consuming task?Not at all. In fact, all it should take from you is one letter which we can help you with. We’ll sort out the rest without bothering you unless absolutely necessary. It shouldn’t cost you anything either – your existing accountant is not normally allowed to charge you for handing over your information. Part of this process involves us writing to your current accountant, on your behalf, and asking them to provide us with information about your affairs and paperwork to ensure the transfer is as seamless and smooth as possible.

I’m waiting for my Accountant to complete last year’s Accounts
If you’ve been waiting a while your accountant may be putting you at risk of missing certain submission dates. We’ll pull out all the stops to meet your deadlines and help you avoid any penalties or tax investigations. And because your final accounts are produced promptly, you’re left with more time to plan for the year ahead.

My Accountant is the only one who can make sense of my finances
We know every business has their own way of doing things but we’ve decades of experience across all types of industry and have never met records we couldn’t get to the bottom of. If your accounts really are in a bit of a tangle, we can help you put simple systems in place to ensure they never get that way again. A fresh pair of eyes is often all it takes to see the easier, more efficient way of doing things.

I’ve just had my accounts done so I may as well wait till next year
The sooner we look at your affairs the more time we’ve got to make suggestions and implement measures to save you time and money before the year end arrives. Accounting isn’t just about reporting what’s happened in the year – it’s also about making sure you’re best prepared for the years ahead.

I’ve got a book keeper so I don’t need an Accountant
This may well be true if you’ve got a particularly experienced and knowledgeable bookkeeperand relatively simple accounts.

However, in our experience we find that many bookkeepers do not have the training and experience to finalise accounts and tax computations. They may overlook key ways of saving you money or you may end up with unexpected tax liabilities and penalties. In addition to being fully qualified accountants, we stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax and accounting regulations through regular training.

I’ve heard switching Accountants often triggers a tax investigation from HMRC
The HMRC do have certain factors they look at when it comes to deciding who to investigate, but targeting someone because they’ve changed accountants isn’t one of them.