Accounts and support services

Year-End Accounts 
This service includes preparation of statutory year end accounts for all type of businesses ranging from sole traders, partnerships, LLP to limited companies. The accounts will comply with the latest Financial Reporting Standards, Companies Act and other relevant legislations for reporting to the shareholders, directors and also for filing Inland Revenue and Companies House.

Management Accounts
Monitoring the financial performance of your business on a regular basis is vital in achieving the commercial objectives of your business. We provide monthly, quarterly or six monthly management accounts preparation services to report the progress of your business for internal management purposes. Management accounts can be tailor made to suit your requirements and can include useful financial analysis in pictorial form, such graphs and charts, in order for you to keep track of the performance of your business.

Book Keeping
We recognise it may not be cost efficient for our clients to employ a full time book keeper to keep their accounting records, especially for small budget businesses. At CNG Associates, we can help you to fulfil your book keeping needs in order for you to have more time to concentrate on the running of your business.

Our services include full book keeping for your business accounting records, either at your premises or our office. We use the most up to date accounting software and technology to keep your accounting records; such as purchase ledgers, sales ledgers, nominal ledgers, cash and credit card expenses, bank payments and receipts, fixed assets register, reconciliation of sales, bank accounts and other control accounts. Aged Creditors and Debtors reports, together with other financial reporting can be generated from our computer system to help you to keep control of your cash flow.

VAT Returns
We provide VAT returns preparation services and submission of VAT returns at HM Revenue & Customs. Our work will include VAT reconciliation, VAT reports, dealing with queries from HM Custom & Excise, VAT registration and de-registration, group VAT application, attending VAT inspections by the HM Revenue & Customs and VAT advice.

This is a complete solution to your payroll compliance, which includes the following:

  1. Weekly or monthly payslips for all your employees.
  2. P45.
  3. Preparation and submission of year end returns (P35, P14 and P60)
  4. calculation for SMP, SSP, PRP, net to gross, overtime and deductions for student loans, pension and other statutory deductions.
  5. Calculation of monthly PAYE liability.
  6. Payroll departmental analysis and other reports.
  7. Attending PAYE inspection from HM Revenue & Customs.
  8. Dealing with any queries from HM Revenue & Customs.

Business plans
Business plan is an essential tool in achieving your commercial and personal objectives. In simple terms, a business plan is a written summary of what your business hopes to accomplish, and how it will accomplish those objectives. It contains clear goals and objectives with an explanation of how the business intends to manage all the resources in order to achieve those goals and objectives. A business plan serves four critical functions i.e., it helps clarify, focuses the business, it provides a framework for business strategy, it sets goals and objectives against which actual performance can be measured and reviewed, and finally it can be used as a basis for discussion with third parties such as investors or bank managers when applying for funding.

Our skills in preparing a credible business plan for owner managers and business start ups will help you to prepare your own effective business plan.

Budgets and forecasting
We all agree that budgeting for your business will help you to control costs and overheads and provide you with yardstick for your business spending. Variance analysis can be done by comparing budgets against actual results to identify why your business has under performed and also help to keep your business in track to achieving your commercial objectives.

Forecasting of your profit & loss and cash flows are vital in foreseeing future financial performance and requirements of your business. This will enable you to deal rapidly with any unexpected events and in many cases save your business from liquidation.

Our expertise in this area will provide you with cash flow advice and prepare forecasts for use either internally in managing your business or for presentation to third parties such as bank managers.

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